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À la Carte

Land & Building Strategies is a San Antonio base company that provides services to the Texas community, from property owners, to investors / developers to achieve their real state goals.

We know each building, situation or client is different, that is why our services are tailor to your needs. Here are some examples just to mention a few.

We believe that through a careful selection of our services you will be satisfied with the results.

  • Help you to create value through acquisitions, by investing in abandoned or undeveloped properties.

  • Assistance to property owners to rescue / reactivate their abandoned property.

  • Help Nacional Corporation assess, inventory and document their existing properties

  • Providing Virtual Design Construction to ongoing construction projects.

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Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we help you analyze all the options on the table Buy, Develop, Redesign, Sale.

  1. Market Analysis

  2. Site Identification

  3. Schematic Planning

  4. Conceptual Estimate

  5. Feasibility Study

  6. Proforma Analysis

  7. Zoning & Planning

  8. Masterplaning 

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We represent you throughout the Pre-construction process.

  1. Acquisitions - Land & Building

  2. Permits - Zoning & Building

  3. Land Development - Manage / Select of Consultants & Contractors.

  4. Legal & Contract Management.

  5. Project Cost Estimates & Scheduling.

  6. Progress & Daily Reports 

Image by Yonghyun Lee


Knowing what you have, or what you are going to buy will help you make better financial decisions.

  1. As Built 

  2. Existing Conditions. 2D

  3. Exterior Drone Scan - Point Cloud or Photogrammetry.

  4. Interior Matterport Scan. 

  5. Building Modeling. 

  6. Existing Equipment Inventory - QR code tagging and model mapping .



Achieve Your Goals

1. Virtual Design Construction - Management

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