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Aeriel View of Housing Unit


If something starts off on the right foot, it means it starts off in a good way.

Land & Building Strategies helps all its clients not only make smart decisions, but also overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. Our experience allows us to design the best strategies that adapt to your real estate project. Get to know our PPE service that is essential for whether you are going to buy or you are selling.  This  is a preliminary process that evaluates moderate to large projects before development. This early review of the project provides sponsors with feedback and procedural instructions, and also allows you  to coordinate at the beginning in the development process

1) You are going to buy. - Depending on what your final product is (residential, multi-family, commercial) we will help you analyze and select the best option that meets the requirements of your development .And we will prevent you from buying a nightmare.

2) You are selling. - We will show your potential buyers a real vision of your property and overcome the sales objections. Clarity, Trust, Time, Cost, Requirements...etc

PPE - Single Family Development

Custom Homes, Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex

PPE - Subdivisions Development

Project Subtitle

PPE - Multifamily Development

Mix Use

PPE - Commercial Development 

Restaurants and Plazas

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